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While it is impossible to define all the elements of true artistry, one thing is certain; you know it when you hear it. Such is the case with Blue Eyed Soul Singer "Martin Kember". He is a singer/songwriter/producer who delivers sensuous melodies and romantic radio friendly mid-tempos; it’s graceful crooning with a vibe! Martin's distinct vocal style lends power and presence to every song he sings. This, combined with his stellar “story telling” writing skills, and production savvy creates a singularly compelling combination. Martin -- a native of London, England who now makes his home in CHICAGO -- has written songs for many other established artists such as Kenny Latimore, The Grammy Nominated Wayne Brady, Australian Idol Winner Guy Sebastian, and he has produced tracks for Hip Hop legend 2Pac. (Thug n u, Thug n me, Let Em' Have It.)


Martin started his singing career during high school as the front man of 90’s New Jack Swing era R&B group “AZ-1”.  The group soon were offered a recording contract and enjoyed Billboard Top 40 and radio success with the self penned hit singles “Trust In Me”, followed by the romantic ballad “With You”. This quickly cemented  Martin’s skills as both a singer and songwriter. Soon after, the members of the band disbursed pursuing other career opportunities, and Martin went on to record the album “One Shade of Love” on the Warner Bro’s Label. To his disappointment, the album was released in small numbers with no promotion or marketing plan. However, the album gained a “cult” following organically all over the world with those who loved melodic R&B. Soulful crooner Kenny Latimore soon after covered the opening track, “WHO”, while “When Your Spirit Gets Week” was recorded by Christian boy band “Plus One”, which went on to become Martin’s first GOLD RECORD as a songwriter!


While negotiating the exit from his WB contract, Martin continued writing, producing and recording which he considers both a gift and a passion that he would never surrender.


In 2008, Martin had a top viral YOUTUBE Smash with his single "A PART OF ME" (written and produced by Martin with London's newcomer, pop/R&B phenom Reiss Nicholas) and then the emotional single "DRIVING MYSELF INSANE" written by Martin with Emile Ghantos (Charlie Wilson)  and Andre Lindal who became known for his close work with STARGATE in Oslo, Norway.


This unforeseen success prompted the writing and recording his album entitled "Cycles”, which was initially released  through a new record deal in JAPAN, where the two singles were included.  During 2013, the remastered version of the album--for the USA and the world through iTunes -- was released and continues to be discovered and embraced by R&B lovers all over the globe. 


By the end of 2013, Martin was offered the gig as the replacement front man and lead singer for 90’s Icons “Color Me Badd” for a 2014 world tour, in which he gladly accepted. The year was highlighted by an epic performance on the 2014 BET AWARDS, where Martin performed the groups mega-hit “I Wanna Sex You Up” with rave reviews. Martin has since handed the lead roll back over to Color Me Badd’s original lead singer, who had been dealing with a variety of well documented health and legal issues.


As you may guess, Martin and his music do not stop there!! A highly anticipated new album “Consummate” is scheduled for release this summer, and is lead by the release of the new single “U DESERVE IT GIRL” through a new deal with Grammy-Nominated indy label “ML1”. The video for the single was filmed in the New Orleans area during May!


Check out the recently releasedsnippet of the single which has had up to 5000 plays in a span of the first five days, with many fans dubbing the track as the new SUMMER SONG  !!!


Follow Martin Kember on twitter @MartinKember1 and on Facebook/MartinKemberMusic

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