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DISCOGRAPHY                                         Martin Kember                                                 ASCAP       


SUMMARY: Over 14 years of recording, producing, writing, engineering, mixing and audio editing. Proficient with Pro-Tools on both Mac and PC.  Commercial production and voice over recording, commercial jingles, 12 years as recording artist and songwriter/producer  with gold and platinum credits.  

-Top 3 finalist on Fox TV Chicago Idol Contest 2006

Title                                     Artist                             Label                 Notable/Released
Lime Light Through Love    Ash Wilkes       Independent           2011 
(writer /producer /mix engineer of  6 songs on album)

Make Heaven Wait           Wayne Brady  Peak/Concord        2009

Drivin’ Myself Insane      Frankie J.                          Sony                     

CYCLES                 Martin Kember                  Teamworx                2009   IiTunes /CdBaby

Endless Nights             Marcos Hernandez               TVT/Ulrax               2008
(co-wrote/produced 3 songs )

Count On Me                  Peabo Bryson                   Peak/Concord           2007
(single) songwriter

Don’t Stop                        Jamie Jones/Wayne Brady    Image Ent.          2007
Co-writer/Co-Producer             Urban AC artist / TV Star (single)


Make Heaven Wait          Guy Sebastian                   BMG                      Oct. 2004 Co-writer/Co-Producer           Australian Idol Winner 

No One Can Compare      Guy Sebastian                   BMG                      Multi-platinum Co-writer/Producer                   Australian idol Winner  Let ‘Em Have It               

2 Pac                               Amaru/Interscope    Multi-platinum Re-mixer/Producer                    “Until the End Of Time”  Thug n U, Thug n Me      

2 Pac /KC & JOJO        Amaru/Interscope      Multi-platinum Re-mixer/Producer                    “Until the End Of Time”  

Its All Good                     Fantasia Barrino               Jay Records             Re-mixer/Producer                    American Idol Winner  

So What The Fuss                     Stevie Wonder                 Motown                      Unreleased Re-mix Producer 

Who                                   Kenny Latimore             Arista/BMG              Sept. 2001 Songwriter                                        “weekend” 

When Your Spirit Gets Weak     Plus One               143/Atlantic              Gold Songwriter                                              “The Promise”                          

Love u Show Jamie Jones                    Genesis                   April 2004 Co-Writer                                     “Illuminate” 

So Grateful                         Jamie Jones                     Genesis                   April 2004         Co-Writer                                     “Illuminate” 

I Prayed For You                 All 4 One                      Universal              2004 Asian  release

Get It Right                          All 4 One                      Universal              2004 Asian release  Co-writer/Producer  

Old School Love                 Chante Moore                Silas/ MCA                    Gold  Remix Producer                           “Precious”   

Trust in Me                         Az-1                               Scotti Bros.          Billboard R&B #37 Songwriter/Artist/Producer         “ Az-1” 

With You                            Az-1                               Scotti Bros.     R& R R&B Chart # 14  Songwriter/Artist/Producer         “ Az-1”                                                    

Artist Discography

Living in Hell       “Martin Kember”             TMM music          2011

ALBUM: Cycles    “Martin Kember              TMM music         2009        

ALBUM: One Shade of Love       “ Martin”     Warner Bros.     debut solo CD 1999 

ALBUM: AZ-1                              “AZ-1”                  Scotti Bros.          1993/lead singer                                               


Barry Richards Show         “The Beat 36”                                    Sirius Satellite Radio Audio Engineer                            “ The Reazar ” radio personality                                               


Video Hot Mix         Produced Featured music  KCAL Los Angeles 2011
MTV’s Next               Produced Featured music                           MTV 2005        

Dance 360                Music Producer/Writer                              Paramount 2004

The Parkers            Featured music                                  UPN/Paramount 2004

Touched by an Angel            Featured music                                          CBS 2003                                                   


Barber Shop 2             Produced Featured music                                  MGM 2004

Tupac Resurrection       Produced Featured music                          MTV/Paramount 2003                                                                                                                                       

Publishing Information  

Teamworx Muti-Media, ASCAP Songetry Music, ASCAP

Correct Effect Muzik, ASCAP

Chrysalis Music Publishing / SONGETRY MUSIC           Writer        1997 -2001
Warner Brother Recording Artist                      1997-2000
Scotti-Bros Recording Artist                  1992-1996

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